Welcome to Bronx-Bomber Zone!

Since I was a little kid I always enjoyed watching the New York
play baseball. I admit I didn't really start to follow every
aspect of the game until roughly 1993. The following year MLB
decided to go on strike. Baseball resumed play in the '95 season and
my beloved Yankees got back to the postseason. They fell short
of making the World Series but in '96 they would come back and have
a run through the new millenium.

It is from that '96 season on that I let my webdesign skills get the
best of me. I have made several attempts to start my own Yankees
site but nothing really came of it. I am hoping now that my love for
the game will branch out and bring more loyal fans to my
Bronx-Bomber Zone. Hope to see more Yankee fans like me around
the Bronx-Bomber Zone forums!